Which first step do you want to take?

If I ask you this question, what would be your first answer?

Tell me your first impulse?

What can the first step tell you, help you and what does it do with you?

Is it your courage, your will, your intuition, what moves you to begin your path?

With me it was so that I stood completely in the emptiness, complete emotional chaos, after my decision without support felt me, self-doubt came up and I felt fundamentally bad. I could see nothing as a goal, nothing that motivated me, nothing that I felt right, nothing I could love about myself.

I really thought someone must help me, tell me what to do, show me the direction, tell me what is right, what is wrong. I was completely beside myself, I didn’t recognize myself, many small emotional breakdowns, until I just couldn’t anymore.

That was my first step, the step towards finally getting involved with myself, trusting myself, getting to know myself, letting myself be helped, simply allowing my weakness and looking behind my facade, working through everything inside me. I learned to look at myself, to be honest with myself, not to lose myself in a role, not to be always quiet, I learned to stand up for myself, to take myself seriously.

My process started, and continues.

With my heart, with my energy, with my empathy, with the skills I have.

There is a reason, your reason to go! There is your impulse that makes you move! There are your feelings that support you! And it is your courage that strengthens you to do it!

So, what is your first step?


See you soon

Your Kirsten


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