I’m Kirsten Weess
I am a coach for women and your life companion for your personal development and your personal path. I’ll pick you up from where you are and accompany you to where you want to develop.

Shall we walk a piece together?

Working method

I work with different methods, also systemic but always individually and holistically.

NLP-Linguistic Models Neurological levels Constellation work Positive intention Work with inner pictures Coach shadow solution focused coaching

Together we adapt the type and scope of the coaching to your situation. How long and how often a meeting takes place depends on you, the topic and development.

What I can do for you

I am there when you find your personal path and support you with targeted methods. Together we find the balance between head, body and soul.

The first meeting is free of charge.


Your initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.
Simply contact us by phone or e-mail and briefly describe your concerns.


+ at your home
+ at my premises
+ in nature during a walk
+ online via Zoom

About me

Through my profession as a PTA, I have learned to look at people holistically. As a mom, I am sensitized. Attentiveness and perception are important values for me. I pay attention to the nuances and the things behind them. I am a good observer and love nature especially the mountains and water.

When I was at a turning point myself, I was able to experience what it means to be accompanied in life issues in order to find my own solutions. This inspired me.

Now I am a coach and life companion for your heart’s path.


There is no one method. I look at people individually – the best solution is not the same for everyone. The right approach we learn together, step by step.

NLP-Linguistic Models
Neurological levels
Constellation work
Work with inner pictures
Share work
Postitive Intention

Foot reflexology harmonization

My new and additional heart path for you:
Foot reflexology harmonization

What is it?
Foot reflexology harmonization is a holistic physiological massage method that can release blockages, activate own energies and bring them into flow.
It can help to bring us into balance, harmonize and relax.

Quote ” Love carries the soul as the feet carry the body “.

Included are:

  • Foot bath
  • Harmonization
  • Night relaxation

* no diagnoses will be made

Questions and appointments via my contact form or WhatsApp!

Why coaching and foot reflexology harmonization are my 2 matters of the heart:
In coaching as well as in harmonization you can bring yourself on your way, bring yourself into your balance and activate your energy.

I accompany you in this process!

I am glad to hear from you


I am near:

Heilbronn, Germany & Switzerland, Canton Fribourg

Reachable by mail and my contact form and
Phone: +41 78-2297940 CH